Imagine a world, where your marketing dashboards look exactly how you want

With full-funnel data, ad-level granularity, and correct attribution

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Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost
Integration Team
Data Engineer, Data Analyst, .Net Developer, PM

Get your dashboards faster and more cost-effectively with Elly Analytics

We collect data from 300+ sources using pre-built connectors. If there isn’t a pre-built connector for your platform, we’ll develop it at our own expense and connect it to Elly

CRM software
Digital Advertising Platforms
Analytics Platforms
Custom Platforms
We build a complete view of each customer
We calculate lead and sales attribution according to the rules of any complexity

Get data-driven insights from custom dashboards in Power BI

Compare the performance of channels, campaigns, and ads with the «Channels» up to gross profit in different attribution models
Elly’s analytics will help you create a report on specific business metrics such as chat statistics, webinar performance, and advertising channel revenue forecasting
The «Funnel» will help you track data across your entire sales funnel and advertising channels from a helicopter view and identify where leads are being lost and where conversions can be increased
The «Cohorts» will help you understand the payback of attracted customers for a selected period with the number of orders, revenue, or percentage in different channels and regions

Our Approach

Provide full-service data handling

We analyze the client’s data flow and journey, organize and clean up messy data, and build accurate dashboards.

Take responsibility for the data-accuracy

We actively investigate and address any issues that may arise, and conduct daily monitoring to identify and resolve any potential problems.

Become part of the internal team

We use messenger chat and weekly meetings to become part of the client’s team and deliver successful projects.

Get Access to a Full Marketing Data Team Without Hiring

We’re not just a platform but a complete team for your data ecosystem. Get the expertise and support you need to succeed

Senior marketing data engineer
Responsible for the data flow design
Makes key architecture decisions
Marketing data analyst
Builds dashboards
Designs attribution models
Connects data sources
Ensures high data integrity
.Net developer
Builds custom connectors
Deduplicates data
Sets up attribution models
Project manager
Coordinates project workflow
Communicates with the client team

Join 70+ clients who already make data-driven decisions

Digital newspaper & magazine publishing and distribution, 12 million MAU

Digital newspaper & magazine publishing and distribution, 12 million MAU

I could recommend Elly to any company which doesn’t have a single source of truth.

Glen Mitchell
Glen Mitchell
Head of Growth
PropTech, 6k+ customers

PropTech, 6k+ customers

We can definitely recommend Elly Analytis for all companies which don’t have a dedicated marketing analyst role yet. It is a must-have tool to find opportunities for growth.

Director of Analytics
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  • Get a daily dashboard on all campaigns, ads, revenue, and conversions
  • Scale campaigns with quality leads that bring sales
  • Disable the ineffective ones without losing revenue
  • Have a clear view of all channels and calls across three attribution models
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