Marketing analytics tailored for long sales cycles

Stop optimizing your ads for leads.
Start optimizing for the

Elly Analytics cuts through the ’Direct and Unknown’ fog in your data, providing clarity on the actual sources of your high-LTV customers and uncovering the true impact and ROI of each channel, campaign, and ad.

Elly Analytics achieves this by recognizing the complexity of your marketing funnel and overcoming the biases of ad reports, which often make over-optimistic claims, and addresses the limitations of web analytics, which fail to fully capture the logic of the customer journey.

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Track Customers, Not Just Leads

Traditional advertising tools and analytics platforms often only monitor conversions such as 'leads' or 'signups', leaving you in the dark about where your most valuable customers come from.

Elly Analytics uncovers the sources of your best customers.

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Achieve Pinpoint Attribution, Even Through Long Sales Cycles

Your customer interactions aren’t just one-offs; they stretch across numerous touchpoints — multiple emails, phone calls, and the various decision-makers within a single «buying center.»

Elly Analytics stitches together these fragments into a seamless, unified customer journey.

Optimize ads

Discover What Truly Moves Your Customers

Dive deep into what really drives customers to move through the sales funnel: from advertising and emails to text messages and interactions with the sales team.

Elly Analytics unveils every transition and the entire journey, uncovering the success of customer engagement.

Elly Analytics is your all-in-one dashboard to track marketing performance and spot growth opportunities

To discover the true source of your best customers, Elly Analytics collects data at every step of their journey, putting together comprehensive customer profiles.

Advertising Data
Web & App Analytics Data
Customer Engagement Data
Custom Sources

Elly easily pulls data from any custom CRM, backend, or internal database with minimal need for your IT team’s involvement.

Elly creates comprehensive profiles for each customer, even when they switch between multiple browsers and devices
Elly employs advanced attribution models designed for your business model and marketing mix

Elly visualizes data in Power BI reports


Compare the performance of channels, campaigns, and ads up to the gross profit level across different attribution models with the Channels report.


The Funnel Report allows you to track data throughout your entire sales funnel, detailed by advertising channels. It helps identify where leads are dropping off and where there are opportunities to improve conversions.


The Cohorts report enables you to analyze the ROI from acquired customers over a chosen period. It breaks down the number of orders and revenue — either as absolute figures or as percentages of the total — by advertising channels or regions.

Get Access to a Full Marketing Data Team Without Hiring

Elly isn’t just a platform but a complete team for your data ecosystem.

Elly Provides Full-Service Data Handling

We analyze your data flow and journey, organize and clean up messy data, and build accurate dashboards.

Elly Takes Responsibility for the Data-Accuracy

We conduct daily monitoring to actively identify and resolve any potential problems with your data.

Elly Team Become Part of Your Team

We use messenger chat and weekly meetings to become part of your team and deliver successful projects.

Customer Voices

Elly simplifies tracking ad performance and visualizes the marketing funnel, offering clear insights on ads and landing pages. This helps our entire marketing team make quick, informed decisions, enhancing our effectiveness.

Seva Ustinov
Hi, I’m Seva,
CEO and founder of Elly Analytics

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Let’s Discuss How End-to-End Analytics Can Help You Hit Your Marketing Targets

Schedule a call with me now to discover how Elly Analytics can:

  • Shift your focus from just generating leads or orders to acquiring high-value customers
  • Uncover the true sources of your most valuable customers — which might differ from what you see in Google Analytics or ad platforms’ reports

From our conversation, you will gain:

  • An understanding of how end-to-end analytics can enhance your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) through smarter budget allocation
  • Insights into how you can leverage end-to-end analytics for sustained business growth
  • A forecast of the potential ROI from implementing Elly Analytics
  • Answers to any questions you have about analytics, attribution, or using reports for making data-driven decisions