Make data-driven decisions

Elly Analytics is a marketing analytics platform for managers

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We build advanced cross-channel full funnel marketing dashboards using data from Pipedrive

Clear and deduplication data from LiveChat and any other CRM

Extract, load and transform data from marktechplatforms to decisions-make report

How Elly works

Give clear view on Funnel with ROMI and Order Acquisition Cost

Elly will help managers to concentrate on decisions in adv campaigns or products, so you willn’t waste time on assemble all data together.

Compare channels and campaigns in it

Elly will help managers to highlight profitable and unprofitable campaigns, so you could make data-driven desicions what need to do next: scale, edit or stop them.

Control the dynamics and quality of cohorts

Elly will help you analyze the quality of cohorts with different characteristics. For example, it will allow you to see how cohorts of customers from different sources or from different regions behave.

Elly will help control the dynamics of new cohorts to respond in time if something in the cohorts broke down, for example, letters to new clients stopped being sent. Or evaluate changes in cohort dynamics after making product changes.

Get new way of working with data in 6 weeks

On a 15-minute consultation, we will learn how you work with data now and understand how we can help you.

Together we will draw up the first architecture of the solution, create an attribution model, draw funnels and make the first prototype of the report, which you will receive within 6 weeks after the start.

Book a 30-minute demo to see how Elly Analytics will lower the CAC by 20% and save 100 h/month on reports

  • Get a daily dashboard on all campaigns, ads, revenue, and conversions
  • Scale campaigns with quality leads that bring sales
  • Disable the ineffective ones without losing revenue
  • Have a clear view of all channels and calls across three attribution models
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