How to Get More Quality Leads

Want to maximize your ad spend and attract the best leads? Follow these practical steps to improve your lead generation and see better results from your digital advertising campaigns.

1. Run Your Campaigns and Capture Leads

As your ads run, capture leads through various channels like hand-raise forms, phone calls, and messengers. Ensure you collect additional information such as Google clientID and ad platforms’ click IDs. This data is crucial for tracking and optimizing your campaigns.

2. Rank Your Leads

Categorize your leads into two groups: high-quality leads and those that are less valuable. High-quality leads are those with a higher likelihood of converting into high-value customers.

3. Send High-Quality Leads Back to Ad Platforms

Inform the advertising platforms about your high-quality leads by sending them back as conversions. This feedback loop helps the platforms optimize future ads to target similar profiles, increasing lead quality over time.

Common Issues and How to Address Them

1. Delay in Sending Conversions

Timely conversion data is critical for ad platforms to optimize your campaigns effectively. Delays can hinder their ability to adjust and improve targeting.

Solution: Automate the process of sending conversion data. Tools like Autopilot in Elly Analytics can streamline this, ensuring timely and accurate data transfer.

2. Manual Lead Ranking

Manually ranking leads is time-consuming and prone to errors. A reliable and quick system to assess lead quality is essential.

Solution: Implement automated lead scoring. Elly Analytics offers various forecasting models for lead lifetime value (LTV), from simple linear forecasts to advanced machine learning models. These tools can help you rank your leads accurately and efficiently.